Ocean Tomo Announces Stepped-up Recruitment Efforts to Service Expanding Client Base

Fri, 9/16/2011 - 12:00AM — OCEAN TOMO


Ocean Tomo Announces Stepped-up Recruitment Efforts to Service Expanding Client Base

CHICAGO, September 16, 2011 – Ocean Tomo, the Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc™ firm, announced today the expansion of its current job postings to include positions for experienced professionals in the area of intellectual property valuation and expert testimony.

Today, corporate competitive advantage is focused on owning proprietary next generation technology. More and more, profits are driven not by manufacturing efficiency but rather by offering unique products and licensing patent rights.

Earlier this year, Ocean Tomo released the 2011 Intangible Asset Market Value Study, noting that approximately 80 percent of market value is represented by intangible assets.* The intellectual property which protects American business is estimated at more than $5 trillion, and ranks as the largest U.S. asset class.**

This activity is driving demand for intellectual property experts who can value the individual assets comprising these very large totals, helping companies and their investors understand the complexities of a global market for innovation.

Firm Chief Executive Officer, James E. Malackowski, explains that the expanded hiring is driven by recent merger and acquisition activity focused on company patent portfolios and acquired technology licensing rights, as well as the anticipated enactment of patent reform.

“We have been fortunate to serve as an advisor to a large and growing list of public company efforts to unlock or grow their patent estates. As a result, we have recently added a number of senior Managing Director positions and now look to support their leadership with qualified Associates and Directors,” stated Malackowski.

“The patent reform legislation pending the President’s signature creates strong growth opportunities for our Research business,” Malackowski reported. “President Obama noted job growth from the pending patent law in his recent speech on job creation and our firm is one specific example. Our platform for web-based patent marking was built a number of years ago in anticipation of the new legislation which provides for virtual marking of patent-protected products.”

Rather than a company building and maintaining a product-to-patent marking site, thePatentMarking™ notification platform supports the corporate management of patent marking data by providing companies with a single repository for storing their patent-to-product related information. The PatentMarking platform is the first and only system of its kind, acting as a searchable portal for all patent information related to marketed products.

The bill also creates an expanded paradigm for ensuring patent quality at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Currently, the Ocean Tomo PatentRatings® system, which is known as the best-in-class tool for indentifying measuring patent quality and identifying relevant patents, reads every patent issued by the USPTO each and every week. With the expanded opportunity for the post-grant review of issued patents, Ocean Tomo is already working on providing unique alerts for clients as a direct response to the new landscape.

Ocean Tomo provides employees with opportunities to work across the firm’s various practice groups seeking to match individual skills and interests with current market trends. Ocean Tomo is an equal opportunity employer. View current opportunities

About Ocean Tomo, LLC 
Established in 2003, Ocean Tomo, LLC, is the Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc™ firm. The company provides financial products and services related to Intellectual Property, including expert testimony, valuation, strategy, research, ratings, investments, risk management and transactions. Ocean Tomo assists clients – corporations, law firms, governments and institutional investors – in realizing Intellectual Capital Equity® value broadly defined.

Headquartered in Chicago, Ocean Tomo has offices in Greenwich, Houston, Orange County and San Francisco. Subsidiaries of Ocean Tomo include: Ocean Tomo Risk Management, LLC; Ocean Tomo Asset Management, LLC; OTI Data Networks, LLC; Patent Marking, LLC; and Ocean Tomo Capital, LLC – publisher of the Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index family. Ocean Tomo is the founder of the Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI), Inc. as well as the exclusive licensee and distributor of PatentRatings® system.

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*Ocean Tomo 2011 Intangible Asset Market Value Study
**The Economic Value of Intellectual Property, Dr. Robert Shapiro and Dr. Kevin Hassett. USA for Innovation, October 2005.

Photo by Jorge Franganillo / CC BY-SA 4.0