Ocean Tomo Serves as Transaction Advisor on purchase and sale of OLED Technology

Tue, 7/25/2017 - 2:00PM — OCEAN TOMO

Ocean Tomo Transactions team facilitating sale of OLED technology and seeking additional patent portfolios for strategic buyers of OLED technology in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Chicago, IL (July 25, 2017) Ocean Tomo LLC, the intellectual capital merchant banc™ firm, announced today that the Ocean Tomo Transactions Advisory team is actively searching for OLED technology including both patents and related know-how.

A broad range of strategic buyers in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Germany, along with strategic buyers, private equity investors and hedge funds in the United States are motivated to acquire technology and companies focused on:

  • OLED display design, architecture, driver circuitry;
  • OLED manufacturing methods and equipment for thin-film-transistor (TFT) and pattern manufacturing, printing and fabrication
  • OLED matrix and pixel structures and elements, TFT and substrate stacks, transistor and interconnect structures
  • OLED materials and host and transport materials

Following the successful transaction completed in the second quarter of 2016, Ocean Tomo is now representing a second seller of OLED technology. The large international portfolio of patents is relevant across the OLED value chain including OLED structure and elements, display design, architecture, driver circuitry as well as manufacturing methods and equipment.

According to James Trueman , Managing Director of Advisory Services for Ocean Tomo, “the scarcity of OLED technology portfolios of significant size makes them especially valuable at the moment”. Based on the latest OLED Industry Report released by Ocean Tomo last month, there is a strong appetite from both strategic acquirers and investors for OLED related investment opportunities as the OLED market is projected to reach $10 billion by 2020.

Parties interested in exploring the sale of OLED related technologies, further details on the global OLED portfolio currently offered for sale, or a copy of the OLED Industry Overview, should contact OLED@OceanTomo.com.

About Ocean Tomo, LLC

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Photo by RDECOM / CC BY-SA 4.0