About Ocean Tomo

About Ocean Tomo

Established in 2003, Ocean Tomo, LLC, is the Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc™ firm providing an industry leading array of financial products and services related to intangible assets.  Ocean Tomo offerings include expert testimony, valuation, strategy, research, ratings, investments, risk management and transactions. Ocean Tomo assists clients – corporations, law firms, governments and institutional investors – in realizing Intellectual Capital Equity® value broadly defined.  

The name Ocean Tomo reflects the firm’s vision as an Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc™ firm.

OCEAN reflects the cross-continental importance of Intellectual Property (IP) as well as our belief that principles of traditional assets often apply to IP.  The legal acronym for the adverse possession of tangible property (Open, Continuous, Exclusive, Adverse and Notorious)  has analogy to the explicit (in the case of trademarks) or implicit risk of not using IP as a business asset for the benefit of stakeholders.

TOMO is a Japanese word for intelligent and friendly and reflects the Asian notion of an integrated, friendly group of related businesses.

Ocean Tomo's culture is entrepreneurial, open and based on a foundation of common sense. Most importantly, Ocean Tomo is an organization built on the concept of the "team" where every employee makes a difference. Our culture is a key differentiator when recruiting new professionals and can be seen in our actions, policies and values.


A History of Leadership

For more than 25 years, Ocean Tomo professionals have led the field with respect to intellectual capital thought leadership. Select milestones of achievement include:


Organized first national practice to offer intellectual property valuation opinions at a time when the Big-8 accountancies refused to address this growing asset class.


Co-founded first dedicated, full-service intellectual property consultancy offering advice on valuation, litigation damages and tax.


Created first integrated intellectual property strategy consulting group offering Intellectual Property Quality Management services to large Fortune 500 clients.


Founded first private equity advisory partnership to originate large-scale investments based on underlying intellectual capital.


Creation of first scaled investment banking practice, in partnership with leading Wall Street firm, dedicated exclusively to patent based structured finance.


Created nation's first integrated Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc™ firm.


 Ocean Tomo acquired interest in PatentRatings® System.


Created nation's first private equity and debt fund to invest in growing companies with strong intellectual property.


Successfully established a Live Public Auction Marketplace for Intellectual Property rights.

Created the nation’s first index based on the value of Intellectual Property. The Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index launched in September on the American Stock Exchange.

Created The Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI) the world’s first financial exchange with an Intellectual Property focus. 


Created Patent Bid-Ask, the first and only voice brokerage and online marketplace for intellectual property.


Created OTI as the first and only comprehensive source of global intellectual property-based market information with free global patent search.


Created the PatentMarking.com, the first and only online platform designed for the management with patent marking data.


Ocean Tomo collaborates with Illinois Institute of Technology for Master’s in IP Management & Markets.


Created the US China IP 200™ Index, the world's first index based on the value of both US & foreign intellectual property.


Ocean Tomo Partners with TechNexus Venture Collaborative for accelerated development of proprietary products and services supported by corporate partnership.

Today, our professionals hold leadership roles in the preeminent technology transfer societies, intellectual property focused government think-tanks, intangible finance technical journals, and non-profit invention organizations. Our current and future service offerings are built upon this platform of success and a perspective that can only be achieved from a leadership view.