Across our Transactions Business Unit, Ocean Tomo has the right solution for all high-quality, market-clearing IP. Ocean Tomo is uniquely qualified to successfully diligence and close transactions through our extensive transactional experience as well as our ability to leverage the broader insight and relationships of Ocean Tomo as a firm – a network unmatched in the IP space. Ocean Tomo’s relationships include personal contacts with senior IP and C-level executives at the largest operating companies as well as the nation’s most respected venture capital and private equity firms. In addition, our Expert Testimony, Technical Insights, Valuation, and Strategy practice groups provide a broad network of technical and legal experts that we access to ensure that IP quality is kept high. No matter what technology or IP asset you need to buy, sell, or license, Ocean Tomo and our industry-leading team have the experience you need. Collectively, Ocean Tomo professionals have:

• Successfully closed hundreds of IP sale transactions with a cumulative transaction value well in excess of $250 million;

• Completed over 750 engagements involving IP worth in excess of $10 billion including over 250 valuation and 300 financial damages expert testimony engagements;

• Served as a trusted advisor involving the biggest IP transactions in history;

• Originated more successful IP monetization solutions than any other firm, including creation of the world’s oldest and most successful live patent auction;

• Rated every USPTO and EPO utility patent through the Ocean Tomo Ratings™ Systems;

• Built a best-in-class team consisting of senior executives from some of the industry’s largest operating companies and leading dedicated IP buyers and licensors; and

• Broad technical expertise, including software, consumer electronics, computing equipment, components, telecom, communication services, media, semiconductor, storage, displays, automotive, internet, security, imaging, cloud computing, analytics, biotech, medical devices, and more.

Ocean Tomo is independent and privately owned.  Ocean Tomo does not acquire patents to assert or license.

Ocean Tomo Private Auctions

Our Private Auctions practice combines the rigor of Private Sales with the competitive bidding inherent in a real-time auction.  Private Auctions bring together a measured number of “finalist bidders” for meetings with the seller and then concludes in a definitive sale through proven auction methods such as round-robin bidding.  Private Auctions are used when one or more of the following criteria are important:

• Significant expected value of between $2.5 and $50 million or more

• In depth diligence requiring substantial knowledge transfer

• A more discrete sale process than a live public auction

• A limited universe of likely interested buyers than a live public auction

Our focus on quality and market-ready IP portfolios combined with Ocean Tomo’s trusted industry reputation translate into buyers taking the opportunities we present very seriously.  Our team has significant experience in evidence of use preparation / review and can help develop evidence of use for patents through its consulting network, unique crowd sourcing program, and high-caliber legal partners.  Through our many years of buy-side experience, we know what the market demands and what drives value.  Using our Private Auctions platform, you can expect your patent portfolio or other IP assets to sell for the highest price in the shortest time.

Ocean Tomo Live Auctions

In response to feedback from the IP community at several town hall meetings, Ocean Tomo created the live public open cry auction marketplace for intellectual property in April 2006 with a commitment to hold such events for a period of three years.  The first auction featured 78 patent lots and was immediately recognized as a “forum of commerce”.   Over the three years that followed, the Ocean Tomo auction marketplace become an industry leading venue for patent transactions and price discovery.  In 2009, Ocean Tomo sold this practice and focused its attention on creating a traded exchange for patent rights, the Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI).   Today, Ocean Tomo is once again holding large and small town hall meetings seeking industry input regarding desires for a next generation transparent patent marketplace.  Input or cooperative interest is welcome and should be sent to