The Ocean Tomo bid-ask market will be an active market that provides buyers access to every US patent and application and sellers access to a broad community of active buyers. Ocean Tomo’s bid-ask market is the right solution for buyers and sellers of patent portfolios where one or more of the following criteria are important:

Ocean Tomo’s bid-ask market will be a highly efficient platform that is able to quickly clear patent transactions through a unique blend of technology and professional services.  Buyers are able to effortlessly find the patent or application they want through the market’s powerful search engine that mines Ocean Tomo’s industry-leading, proprietary database.  Once the right asset is located, buyers can easily post anonymous bids whereupon sellers are promptly notified of such offers.  Likewise, sellers are able to reach a committed community of buyers by posting “asks” that are quickly communicated to potential buyers.  Buyers and sellers can then electronically negotiate to close the transaction.  The ultimate magic in the market lies in the ability for an Ocean Tomo transaction professional to actively mediate to close price gaps and successfully complete transactions.  This Ocean Tomo platform provides active buyers and sellers with a dynamic marketplace that is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and efficient at closing IP transactions.

Advisory Resources

James Trueman
Managing Director
+1 415.946.2590