MIPS Technologies Selected for Inclusion in Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index

Tue, 11/29/2011 - 9:08AM — INVESTMENTS

Constituent Company: MIPS Technologies
Website: www.mips.com
Industry Sector: Semiconductors
Average IPQ® Score: 134.9

Earlier today, MIPS Technologies announced their inclusion in the Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index. We are glad to see them join the pack of leading companies with strong intellectual property portfolios.

MIPS Technologies is a creator of microprocessor architectures found in the world’s leading electronics products across entertainment, networking and mobile phone platforms. MIPS earned $82 million in fiscal 2011 from its industry-leading licensing program, with net income of nearly $18 million.

As any electrical engineer can attest, MIPS’ early work on RISC processors is legendary – we all studied computer architecture from Hennessey and Patterson books. However, what earned them a spot in Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index is the subsequent diligent work in developing new platforms, acquiring leading technology companies, and building an impressive intellectual property thicket that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

The U.S. issued patents in MIPS’ portfolio have an average IPQ score* of 134.9.

An excerpt from today's MIPS news release:

“We are proud to be recognized by Ocean Tomo for our extensive patent portfolio, distinguishing our company as a leader in technological innovation,” said Sandeep Vij, president and CEO, MIPS Technologies. “Our patented technologies provide significant benefits to our customers and their customers, and MIPS’ inclusion in the OT300 list highlights our valuable contributions to the industry.”

“Companies in the OT300 index have strong U.S. patent portfolios, a commitment to innovation, and a high degree of technological leadership,” said James E. Malackowski, Ocean Tomo’s chairman and chief executive officer. “MIPS Technologies clearly falls into these categories, and we congratulate them on their inclusion in the index, and on achieving a strong average IPQ® score, indicating the quality of their patents. Ocean Tomo was founded on the belief that companies with strong intellectual property outperform their intra-sector peers. Member companies, and the Index, generally continue to prove this proposition.”

Read the full news release »

*IPQ Scores: IPQ scores objectively rate patent assets based on a proven statistical methodology. The IPQ score has a median of 100. Patent assets with higher IPQ scores are statistically more likely to generate economic returns. Learn more about IPQ scores.

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