Ocean Tomo Insights: Evolving IP Market Series Chapter 3

Fri, 2/22/2013 - 12:52PM — INVESTMENTS

The newest chapter in our OT Insights Video Series, “How Did We Get Here? IP Evolution,” continues the chronology of IP market development into its third and current generation. Referred to in the video as “the Age of the Golden Rule,” the market is now operated by those individuals (e.g investment banks, Wall Street, and privateers) who have the “gold” or capital necessary to invest in intellectual property (IP).

As discussed in this week’s segment, “Going Private Transactions” like Ocean Tomo’s recent work with Mosaid and highly public instances of shareholder activism like Starboard’s assertions to AOL both indicate that stakeholders are proactively advocating for the better management of IP Portfolios. This trend is most likely going to continue as IP becomes increasingly recognized as a driver of share value.  

The full video with more detail about these topics can be found below. As always, we invite you to stay updated on the series’ subsequent chapters by subscribing to ourOceanTomoInsights YouTube channel.  For more IP news and commentary, follow us on Twitter at@OTInsights.




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