Ocean Tomo Insights: Evolving IP Market Series, Chapter 8

Thu, 4/4/2013 - 10:17AM — INVESTMENTS

Chapter 8 of the Evolving IP Market Video Series explores the foundations of the taxation economy surrounding intellectual property (IP).

In recognizing the role of IP as a catalyst for wealth creation, it’s also important to recognize its resulting tax implications and structures. While an IP “taxation economy” is predicted to take five or ten years to fully mature, the market is already seeing signs of its early stage development. This week’s video covers several aspects of the current IP tax climate, including:

  • Growing expectation/consent to pay IP “tax”
  • Low per unit effect across all products
  • Role as a catalyst to greater IP based reporting
  • Consistency with planned IP exchange models
  • Decomposition of cross licenses
  • True Governmental taxation starting with cross border affiliate entities

A more detailed description of each of the driving forces behind the IP tax economy can be found by watching the full video, available below.  For additional IP insight and commentary, follow us on Twitter @OTInsights or visit our Ocean Tomo Insights YouTube channel. 



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