Ocean Tomo Serves as Intellectual Property Financial Advisor in the Cengage Learning Restructuring

Fri, 4/4/2014 - 11:00AM — VALUATION

Ocean Tomo supported Cengage Learning’s plan of reorganization by serving as the lead valuation advisor to the debtors with regards to valuing certain copyrights that were part of the debtors’ estate. The copyrights represented a meaningful portion of Cengage Learning’s owned copyright portfolio and impacted the recovery of all creditor classes, and we undertook a highly quantitative and nuanced approach to valuing these IP assets that aided in the successful negotiation and mediation amongst the creditors. 

Our role as IP advisors on the restructuring included participation in all aspects of the valuation of the disputed copyrights, as the value of these assets was an early variable between the creditors on how to allocate value under the plan of reorganization.


Photo by Jorge Franganillo / CC BY-SA 4.0



Ocean Tomo’s Valuation professionals are recognized as experts in IP and intangible asset valuation, having performed hundreds of strategic valuations for Fortune 500 companies, and small-to-mid-sized businesses, across a variety of industry segments. Managing Director Greg Campanella leads the Management Services Group and the Valuation Practice for Ocean Tomo.

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