Ocean Tomo Insights: Evolving IP Market Series, Chapter 5

Risk management is an important, albeit under-emphasized, aspect of effective Intellectual Property (IP) management. This week’s chapter of the Evolving IP Market Video series, “What Can We Expect Next? Risk,” discusses the most prominent risks faced by patent owners in today’s market. 

As described in the video, the risks surrounding IP generally fall within four categories: 

•             Judicial or policy risk

•             Corporate risk

•             Shareholder risk

•             Market risk 

While each category greatly impacts IP management, this week’s segment focuses on market risk, specifically the risk of public failures due to false expectation (e.g Kodak’s highly anticipated yet disappointing patent auction in the wake of Nortel’s success story), and addresses the risks posed to IP owners by Non-practicing entities (NPEs) and royalty stacking. More in-depth information about these topics, including a complete Top 10 list of the specific risks affecting IP management, can be found by watching the full video (available below). 

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Coming up next week: “What Can We Expect Next? Risk Part 2” 


Justin Lewis is a Managing Director in Ocean Tomo’s Expert Testimony practice in San Francisco. Mr. Lewis’ consulting experience includes the analysis and quantification of economic damages arising from patent, trademark, trade secrets & copyright infringement. He has a solid understanding of the financial issues and theories related to intellectual property licensing and litigation. Mr. Lewis has led teams in support of counsel for all phases of the litigation process from discovery to trial. He has also performed royalty reviews on both U.S and foreign companies.

Contact: JustinLewisBlogs@OceanTomo.com