Intellectual Property

IP Marketplace 2020 and Beyond

Last week provided me with a special opportunity to address the global IP team of a Fortune 500 multinational telecommunications company at their bi-annual strategic planning meeting. I was scheduled for the post lunch address in the middle of the four day event that had more than two hundred company participants, Chaired by the company CIPO. My invitation was to share Ocean Tomo's long-range view of the IP marketplace extending to 2020 and beyond.

Ocean Tomo to Re-enter Live Intellectual Property (IP) Auction Market

Next Generation Ocean Tomo Live IP Auctions Enhanced by Telepresence Participation to Serve Global Patent Acquisition Community

At the Licensing Executives Society (LES) Annual Meeting this morning in San Francisco, Ocean Tomo CEO Jim Malackowski and Ocean Tomo Managing Director James Trueman announced Ocean Tomo’s next generation intellectual property auction platform.

Ocean Tomo 3D Printing Patent Study

Yesterday Ocean Tomo CEO James E. Malackowski participated on a panel at the 3D Printing Politics conference in Washington, DC. An event where Peter Harter, a lobbyist with deep experience in intellectual property spanning Netscape, EMusic and Intellectual Ventures, assembled a remarkable group of senior business and government thought leaders in the 3D printing industry including:

Patent Reform

On September 16, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA). This act resembles the Patent Reform Act of 2009, which died in the Senate, and marked the first major change to the U.S. patent system since 1952. Notably, the AIA implemented the “first inventor-to-file” system. Effective as of March 16, 2013, the U.S. patent system was switched from a “first-to-invent” to a “first inventor-to-file” patent system. This system harmonizes the U.S.

Intellectual Property Valuation in the Context of a Global Economy

The global landscape of intellectual property (IP) is highly complex and difficult to navigate. The ability of IP holders to obtain, retain, exploit, and enforce their IP rights can vary substantially from one country to another. The quality of a country’s IP environment is measured both by the existence of relevant IP policy and regulation and the successful application of that policy or regulation. With some exceptions, the majority of high-GDP countries have strong national IP regimes in place.

Intellectual Property Valuation: Early-Stage Technology

Individuals and companies are interested in the value of intellectual property (“IP”) for a variety of purposes, such as sale/license transactions, raising capital, company valuation, litigation, internal IP management, and financial reporting, to name a few. The value of IP depends upon several factors including how it will be utilized, the time required to generate returns, the magnitude of those returns, and the risks involved.

Ocean Tomo Transactions – Partnering To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Over the past five years, the intellectual property market has undergone significant transformation.  A myriad of legal, business, and political changes witnessed by all of us have presented both new challenges and opportunities.  In my new position as Managing Director of Transactions for Ocean Tomo, I find myself surrounded by colleagues each with a cutting edge, and in some ways, proprietary understanding of intellectual property assets. 

Patent Damages Today - But What About Tomorrow

 Shirley Webster, Managing Director in the Expert Testimony Practice of Ocean Tomo, who oversees our Houston office, had the pleasure of speaking at the University of Texas’ 9th Annual Patent Law Institute last week. The two-day event, held at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, focused on the latest developments in patent law.

Momentum for Trade Secret Legislation on Both Sides of the Atlantic

 Product of R&D.  Significant component of a balanced IP portfolio.  Economic driver.  In homage to Jeopardy!®, “What are trade secrets?”  Right!

Town Hall Meeting on IP Investments & Markets: Focus On Patent Transactions

In late June, I attended the first Town Hall Meeting on IP Investments and Markets, presented by Ocean Tomo and hosted by the Center for Applied Innovation. Held in Chicago, it brought together leaders from the IP industry with investors and investment managers to discuss the potential for the IP asset class to drive corporate growth and act as a source of alpha for investors.