Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation in Bankruptcy: Perfection of Security Interests in IP

As the value of corporations continues to shift from tangible assets to intangibles such as patents, copyrights, trademarks and customer contracts, an increasing number of bankruptcies and corporate restructurings involve intellectual property (IP) matters. Due to this increase in disputes related to IP rights and value, the potential risk exposure for all creditors of improper or delayed perfection of security interests in intangible assets has increased in tandem.

Ocean Tomo Insights: Evolving IP Market Series, Chapter 5

Risk management is an important, albeit under-emphasized, aspect of effective Intellectual Property (IP) management. This week’s chapter of the Evolving IP Market Video series, “What Can We Expect Next? Risk,” discusses the most prominent risks faced by patent owners in today’s market. 

As described in the video, the risks surrounding IP generally fall within four categories: 

Molly Keelan reports on the Western M&A Forum

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley’s Technology Hub, Ocean Tomo’s Roy D’Souza, Elvir Causevic and Molly Keelan participated in Wednesday’s Western M&A Forum in Santa Clara, CA.

A rare gathering of M&A, corporate, private equity and financial experts assembled to opine on the current and future state of M&A.