Michael Friedman

Michael Friedman to Speak at IP Monetization Conference on May 15 in Plano, Texas

Michael Friedman, Managing Director of our Investments practice will be speaking at the IP Monetization Conference on May 15, 2014 in Plano, Texas. The conference will focus on practical ways in which the law and government policies affect monetization.

Michael Friedman Speaks on Patent Aggregators and NPEs at Northwestern University's Annual Symposium

 I recently had the opportunity to speak during Northwestern University’s Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property Annual Symposium. The one-day event, held at University’s Law School, addressed current hot topics in the industry, including gene patenting and innovation economics.

Ocean Tomo Insights: Evolving IP Market Series, Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of the Evolving IP Market Video Series explores the foundations of the taxation economy surrounding intellectual property (IP). 

Ocean Tomo Insights: Evolving IP Market Series, Chapter 7

 Chapter 7 of the “Evolving IP Market” video series focuses on sovereign wealth funds and the role of Intellectual Property (IP) in protecting domestic industry. 

Intellectual Property Investing Trends for 2013

2012 marked an important stage in the evolution of the intellectual property industry and the recognition of IP as a catalyst for economic growth. In the coming year, we expect IP’s value as an asset class to be even further revealed, monetized, and extracted. Michael Friedman, a Managing Director overseeing Ocean Tomo’s Investments practice, reports his top predictions for IP-Investing in 2013.

Will Facebook Grow Into Their Valuation?

Everyone knows the metrics by now, the end of Facebook’s first day of trading: Market Cap = 112.6 bln.; 107x last twelve months (LTM) earnings; 26x LTM revenue. That's a whole lot of expectation to fulfill. 

How will Facebook grow into that valuation? What is discussed most frequently is the addition of a next generation user who will access the site via smart phone instead of computer. Facebook has also said it will add mobile advertising along with new ads to reach users when they log off Facebook’s web site. 

Cypress Named to Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index for Sixth Consecutive Year

Constituent Company: Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
Website: www.cypress.com
Industry Sector: Information Technology
Average IPQ® Score: 120

AU Optronics Again Named to Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index

Constituent Company: AU Optronics Corp.
Website: www.auo.com
Industry Sector: Information Technology
Average IPQ® Score: 101.4