• Ocean Tomo Patent Value Index (^OTPATV) $9,391.57 ↓ -0.65%
  • Ocean Tomo Patent Growth Index (^OTPATG) $10,612.40 ↑ +0.24%
  • Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index (^OTPAT) $9,766.46 ↓ -0.10%

Established in 2003, Ocean Tomo, LLC provides industry leading financial products and services related to intellectual property including financial expert testimony, valuation, strategy consulting, proprietary research products, investment services, risk management products, innovation management services and transaction brokerage. Ocean Tomo assists clients – corporations, law firms, governments and institutional investors – in realizing Intellectual Capital Equity® value broadly defined.

Our Opinion, Management, and Advisory Services are built upon more than two decades of experience valuing intellectual property in the most rigorous of venues – State, Federal and international courts. Our financial, market and technical experts provide a unique understanding of the contributory value of proprietary innovation. This is the cornerstone of our business. This insight permeates every practice.

Headquartered in Chicago, Ocean Tomo has offices in Greenwich, Houston, Irvine, San Francisco and Seattle. Subsidiaries of Ocean Tomo include: Ocean Tomo Risk Management, LLC; Ocean Tomo Asset Management LLC; OTI Data Networks, LLC; Patent Marking, LLC; and Ocean Tomo Capital, LLC – publisher of the Ocean Tomo 300®; Patent Index family. Ocean Tomo is the founder of the Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI), Inc., creator of the live public open cry auction marketplace for intellectual property as well as the exclusive source for  Ocean Tomo Ratings™.

Ocean Tomo Insights

Data processing – generic control systems or specific applications
Mon, 3/30/2015 - 2:00PM — DAN VANDERVELDE

Today marks the second post in a series of reflections on technology areas. Should you wish to see any other patent class in addition to the ones I’ve chosen, just contact me – I am happy to share what I can. This week I will focus on USPC 700: ...

IPXI Ceases Operations
Tue, 3/24/2015 - 2:30PM — JAMES MALACKOWSKI

IPXI announced yesterday that it was ceasing operations. As the original inspiration for the platform, Ocean Tomo is of course disappointed to see this current effort come to an end.

The activities of IPXI were broadly recognized as positively contributing...

Computer Graphics Processing Patenting Activity and Technology Obsolescence
Mon, 3/9/2015 - 2:00PM — DAN VANDERVELDE

Today I begin a weekly series on patent activity and reflections on technology areas. Each week I will select another class for discussion; in the interim should you wish to see any other patent class, just contact me – I am happy to share what I...