Ocean Tomo professionals are available to speak on a wide range of intellectual property issues and industry sectors. If you are a member of the news media and would like to request information about the firm, a spokesperson for a story or a speaker for an event, please contact Kristi Stathis at (312) 377-4862 or kstathis@oceantomo.com.



May 24, 2016
IPO Patent Damages Summit - Palo Alto, CA
Speaking: Shirley Webster

June 10, 2016
2nd Pan American LESI YMC - Ottawa, Canada
Program Sponsor
Attending: Nash Ream
Attending: Maria Lazarova

June 23, 2016
Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index Company Briefing and Recognition - Gleacher Center, Chicago
Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index Company Briefing Information and Registration


Ocean Tomo Representatives Recently Attended:

April 15, 2016
IPBC Korea
Attending: James Trueman

April 18-20, 2016
Insights 2016 – Driving IP Value
Speaking: James Trueman

April 26-28, 2016
Licensing Executives Society (LES USA/Canada) Spring Meeting
Speaking: Justin Lewis
Attending: Shirley Webster

April 11-12, 2016
31st Annual IP Law Conference
Attending: Shirley Webster

April 12, 2016
The IP Enforcement Summit: Chicago
Attending: Steve Lehmann

April 12, 2016
IPBC Taiwan
Attending: James Trueman

March 10, 2016
Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property Eleventh Annual Symposium
Attending: Roy D'Souza & Robert McSorley

March 10-11, 2016
11th Advanced Patent Law Institute
Attending: Shirley Webster

March 22, 2016
NPE 2016: The Business of Responsible Licensing
Attending: Roy D'Souza & James Trueman

March 3, 2016
Chicago M&A Conference
Attending: Ryan Zurek

February 25, 2016
IPLAC Women In IP Committee – 11th Annual Federal Judges Panel
Attending: Molly Keelan

February 18, 2016
Inside Europe’s New Patent Market
Attending: Kevin Osman

February 8, 2016
University of Southern California IP Institute
Attending: Justin Lewis & Molly Keelan

January 29, 2016
Antitrust, IP, Board Processes, and M&A in 2016
Attending: James E. Malackowski

January 27-30, 2016
AIPLA Mid-Winter “Enforcing IP—From Creation to Monetization and Litigation”
Attending: Justin Lewis & Molly Keelan

January 21-24, 2016
LESI Winter Planning Meeting
Attending: James E. Malackowski

December 7-8, 2015
Speaking: Michael Friedman

2015 Cravath & New York University School of Law IP Institute
Attending: Michael Friedman
November 19, 2015


2015 IP Dealmakers Forum
Speaking: Michael Friedman
November 19, 2015


NYIPLA One Day Patent CLE Seminar
Speaking: Joel Lutzker
November 18, 2015


2015 IP Counsel Cafe
Attending: Roy D'Souza, Molly Keelan
November 17-18, 2015


IAM Patent Law and Policy 2015
Attending: Michael Friedman, Roy D'Souza
November 17, 2015

2015 "O" Deal Makers/Trade Summit
Attending: Jim Malackowski, Beverly Agdern, Roy D'Souza
October 29, 2015


LES Annual Meeting
Attending: Justin Lewis, Jim Malackowski, Roy D'Souza
October 25-28, 2015


2015 ED Texas Bench Bar Conference
Attending: Shirley Webster, Molly Keelan
October 21-23, 2015


Patents for Humanity
Attending: Maria Lazarova
October 16 & 29, 2015


2015 IPO Annual Meeting
Attending: Molly Keelan
September 27-29, 2015


McDermott 2015 IP Symposium (Gold Sponsor)
Attending: Jim Malackowski, Sheryl Mikols
September 24-25, 2015


Transaction Advisors Midwest Symposium
Speaking: Jim Malackowski: Intellectual Property Impact on M&A
September 17, 2015


2015 LESI Pan American YMC Conference
Attending: Nash Ream, Maria Lazarova
September 11, 2015


Commercial Finance Association Midwest Chapter 26th Annual Golf Event
Attending: Roy D'Souza, Dan McEldowney, Ryan Zurek
July 30, 2015


Chicago Women in IP Network Inaugural Event @ Ocean Tomo
Attending: Molly Keelan, Sheryl Mikols, Joanne Johnson, Alexis Lavko
June 24, 2015


IPBC Global 2015
Attending: Jim Trueman, Michael Friedman, Gary Bender
June 14-16, 2015


think ASIA, think HONG KONG
Speaking: Darius Sankey June 10, 2015


AIPLA's 2015 Women in IP Global Networking Event (Co-Sponsor)
Attending: Molly Keelan, Sheryl Mikols, Joanne Johnson, Alexis Lavko
May 21, 2015


IPLAC Annual Dinner
Attending: Molly Keelan, Michael Milani, Sheryl Mikols
May 19, 2015


LES 2015 Spring Meeting
Speaking: Justin Lewis: Valuation to Support Transactions

Michael Milani: Determining Litigation Royalty Rates for Standard Essential Patents

May 12-14, 2015


National Inventors Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (Sponsor)
Attending: James Malackowski
May 12, 2015


Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) Annual Conference
Speaking: Matthew Beers: Citational Relevance and Inter Partes Review
MAY 4-7, 2015


University of Chicago Law School
Speaking: Michael Friedman: The Metamorphosis of IP Investing
May 4, 2015


AIPLA 2015 Spring Meeting
Attending: Molly Keelan
April 30-May 2, 2015


The Sedona Conference Midyear Meeting 2015
Speaking: Andrew Carter
April 29-30, 2015


IPLAC Women in IP Progressive Dinner
Attending: Molly Keelan
APRIL 16, 2015


LESI Global Technology Impact Forum
Attending: James Malackowski
APRIL 14, 2015


LESI Annual Meeting
Attending: Roy D'Souza
APRIL 12-15, 2015

New York IP Judge's Dinner
Attending: Molly Keelan, Michael Milani
APRIL 1, 2015


Hoover Institution - The American Innovation Machine - What Role for Patents?
Attending: Michael Friedman
March 26, 2015


American Bar Association IP Conference
Speaking: Justin Lewis
March 25-27, 2015


IP Institute at USC Gould
Attending: James Malackowski, Molly Keelan, Justin Lewis
March 24, 2015


Patent Damages Roundtable
Speaking: James Malackowski
March 23, 2015


NPE 2015: The Business of Responsible Licensing
Attending: Michael Friedman
March 12, 2015


University of Texas IP Symposium
Attending: Shirley Webster
February 20, 2015


GPhA Annual Meeting
Speaking: James Malackowski "Actavis, Valuation and Fairness Opinions"
Attending: Robert McSorley February 9-11, 2015


Hoover IP Squared Conference
Attending: James Malackowski
January 29-30, 2015


AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute
Attending: Molly Keelan
January 28-31, 2015


Consumer Electronics Show
Attending: Darius Sankey
January 7-9, 2015


Livingston Securities Nanotechnology Conference
Speaking: James Malackowski - "Financing Innovation"
December 8-9, 2014


Attending: Michael Friedman, Jim Trueman
December 7-9, 2014


Cravath, Swaine & Moore's IP Institute
Speaking: James Malackowski
December 4, 2014


Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Attending: Gary Bender
December 3-4, 2014


November 27-30, 2014
2014 IP Finance Expo
Speaking: Darius Sankey


European Patent Office Workshop on Patent Aggregation - Impact on Competition and Innovation Policy
Speaking: Michael Friedman
November 25, 2014


LES Germany
Speaking: Jim Trueman
November 14, 2014


LES Chicago Chapter
Attending: Molly Keelan
November 11, 2014


UT IP Conference (Sponsor)
Speaking: Shirley Webster
Attending: Molly Keelan
November 6-7, 2014


LES Asia-Pacific Regional Conference
Speaking: James Malackowski
November 5-6, 2014


Patent Damages Roundtable - University of Texas School of Law
Attending: Shirley Webster
November 5, 2014


Advanced Business Valuation
Attending: Roy D'Souza
October 27-29, 2014


AIPLA Annual Meeting
Attending: Gary Bender, Josh Gammon, Elizabeth Quinlivan
October 23-25, 2014


Speaking: Darius Sankey
October 21, 2014


LES (USA & Canada) Chicago & Wisconsin Chapters Session
Speaking: Darius Sankey
October 21, 2014


LES Annual Meeting
Speaking: Gary Bender
Attending: Justin Lewis, James Malackowski, Nash Ream, Maria Lazarova
October 5-8, 2014


Global 1000 West
Attending: Darius Sankey
September 30-October 1, 2014


TMA Annual Meeting
Attending: Roy D'Souza
September 29-October 1, 2014


Speaking: Darius Sankey
September 14-16, 2014


2014 McDermott Intellectual Property Symposium (Gold Sponsor)
Attending: James Malackowski, Sheryl Mikols
September 11-12, 2014


IPO Annual Meeting
Attending: Justin Lewis, Shirley Webster, Molly Keelan, Nash Ream, Arijana Karadjuzovic
September 7-9, 2014


Patents for Financial Services
Speaking: Gary Bender
July 23, 2014


IP Week @ SG
Speaking: Darius Sankey
August 26-27, 2014


BIO International Convention
Attending: Cecil Brown and Sean Sheridan
JUNE 23-26, 2014


IPBC Global 2014
Attending: Michael Friedman, James Malackowski, Darius Sankey and Jim Trueman
June 22-26, 2014


Center for Applied Innovation's Town Hall Meeting on IP Investments & Markets
June 16-18, 2014


Georgia Tech RoundTable: "IP Pricing - Current Issues for Markets and Courts"
Speaking: James Malackowski
May 28, 2014


Chicago Innovation Awards' Un-Gala
Attending: James Malackowski, Cecil Brown, Josh Gammon, Tim Binney, Sean O'Connell,Beverly Agdern, Paul Shurov, Monica Linders, Chelsea Nacker and Alex Clemmons
May 21, 2014


LESI Annual Meeting
Speaking: James Malackowski
May 18-21, 2014


IP Monetization Conference
Through the Looking Glass – How Accounting Practices affect the IP Picture
Speaking: Michael Friedman
May 15, 2014


Attending: Nash Ream
April 28-30, 2014


PIUG Annual Confrence
Attending: Matthew Beers
April 26-May 1, 2014


ABI Spring Meeting
Attending: Elizabeth Quinlivan and Josh Gammon
April 24-27, 2014


IP Counsel Café
Attending: Justin Lewis
April 22-23, 2014


Practising Law Institute: IP Monetization 2014
"Maximize the Value of Your IP Assets"
Speaking: Michael Friedman
April 10, 2014


FORBES Reinventing America Summit
Speaking: James Malackowski
March 28, 2014


LES USA/Canada Spring Meeting
Attending: Cecil Brown and Elizabeth Quinlivan
March 24-27


University of Southern California's 2014 IP Institute
Attending: Molly Keelan, Andrew Carter and Justin Lewis
March 18, 2013


South by Southwest
Attending: Nash Ream, Josh Gammon and Maria Lazarova
March 7-16, 2014


Best Practices in Patent Monetization Conference
Speaking: James Malackowski "Looking to the Future of the IP Marketplace: Where We Will Be in 2020"
March 6-7, 2014


NJTIP Symposium 2014
Speaking: Michael Friedman
February 28, 2014


Attending: Matt Moyers and Maria Lazarova
February 26-28, 2014


AIPLA Mid-Winter
Attending: Molly Keelan
January 29-31, 2014


NYSBA IP Section Annual Meeting
Speaking: Joel Lutzker, "The Intersection of IP and Financial Transactions"
January 28, 2014


LESI's Global Technology Impact Forum
Speaking: James Malackowski
January 19-21, 2014


9th Annual Advanced Patent Law Institute
Speaking: Shirley Webster - "Patent Damages Today - but What about Tomorrow?"
January 23-24, 2014


2013 Patent Disputes
Speaking: James Malackowski
December 5, 2013


HKTDC's Think Asia, Think Hong Kong: IP, Technology & China/U.S. Opportunities
Speaking: James Malackowski
November 19, 2013


Attending: Michael Friedman and Matthew Beers
November 17-19, 2013


Ocean Tomo's Expert Testimony Consumer Survey Event
Speaking: Andrew Carter
Attending: Molly Keelan and Jeffrey Klug
November 12, 2013


Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago Judes' Dinner
Attending: Molly Keelan, Michael K. Milani, Jeffrey Klug, Sheryl Mikols and Michael L Jaynes
November 8, 2013


Thompson Western M&A Event
Speaking: Michael Friedman "M&A Lessons Learned"
Attending: Roy D'Souza, Molly Keelan and Brent Reynolds
November 6, 2013


Patent Disputes Forum 2013, Santa Clara, CA
Speaking: Andrew Carter
Attending: Justin Lewis and Molly Keelan
November 5, 2013


2013 Patent Institute
Speaking: James Malackowski
November 5, 2013


AIPLA Annual Meeting
Speaking: James Malackowski and Roy D'Souza
Attending: Andrew Carter, Brent Reynolds and Molly Keelan
October 24-26, 2013


4th LES Asia Pacific Regional Conference
Speaking: Roy D'Souza
October 15-17, 2013


Thompson Southeastern M&A Event
Speaking: Cecil Brown
October 8, 2013


LES USA/CANDA Annual Meeting
Attending: James Malackoski, Matt Moyers, Brent Reynolds and Roy D'Souza
September 22-25, 2013


2013 IPO Annual Meeting
Attending: Justin Lewis, Shirley Webster, Molly Keelan, Brent Reynolds, Tim Binney and Arijana Karadjuzovic
September 15-17, 2013


Trade Secret Management & Monetization Symposium
View Presentations
September 10, 2013


Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors
Speaking: Michael Friedman
July 9, 2013


McDermott, Will & Emery 2013 IP Symposium
Speaking: James Malackoski
Attending: Timothy Binney, Molly Keelan, Elizabeth Quinlivan and Eric Carnick
June 12-13, 2013


LES Meeting: "Impact of Recent Court Decisions on Patent Valuation"
Speaking: Matt Moyers
June 11, 2013


IPBC Boston: IP in Hard Times
Speaking: James Malackoski
Attending: Roy D'Souza, Michael Friedman and Elizabeth Quinlivan
June 9-11, 2013


LES USA/Canada Annual Meeting
Attending: Maria Lazarova
May 14-16, 2013


2013 Midwestern M&A Forum
Speaking: Michael Friedman
Attending: Sean Smith, Cecil Brown, Timothy Binney, Molly Keelan
May 14, 2013


28th Annual SCIP International Conference
Exhibiting: Timothy Binney and Brent Reynolds
May 6-9, 2013


AIPLA Spring Meeting
Attending: Andy Carter and Molly Keelan
May 1-3, 2013


BIO International Convention
Attending: Cecil Brown
April 22-25, 2013


IP Counsel Cafe 2013
Attending: Justin Lewis
April 24, 2013


The Patent Conference (PatCon3)
Speaker: James Malackowski
April 12, 2013


LESI Annual Meeting
Attending: James Malackowski and Roy D'Souza
April 5-12, 2013


IP Investment Conference
Speaker: Michael Friedman
April 4, 2013


ICAP Patent Brokerage Event
Attending: Michael Friedman, Dean Pelletier, Maria Lazarova, Nash Ream and Jeriel Ong
March 20, 2013


LES Chicago Chapter Meeting
Attending: Molly Keelan and Sean Smith
March 19, 2013


Kirkland Institute for Trial Advocacy
Participants: Michael K. Milani, Mitch Rosen, Jeff Klug, Eric Carnick and Robert McSorley
March 16-18, 2013


Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Induction Gala Dinner & Awards
Hilton Chicago
James Malackowski, Inductee
March 14, 2013


University of Southern California’s 2013 IP Institute
Attending: Andy Carter and Molly Keelan
March 14, 2013


South by Southwest
Attending: Matt Moyers and Sean Smith
March 8-12, 2013


Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon
Shaw’s Crab House, Chicago
James Malackowski, Inductee
February 28, 2013


Valcon 2013: Contested Valuation Issues in Bankruptcy
Attending: Maria Lazarova and Matt Moyers
February 20-22, 2013


AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute 2013
Speaking: James E Malackowski, CEO, Ocean Tomo
January 30-February 2, 2013


IP Business Congress: Maximising IP Value in China
Speaking: Michael Friedman
December 2-4, 2012


Investing in Technology Seminar
Speaking: James E. Malackowski
November 14, 2012


Patent Disputes 2012
Speaking: Andy Carter, Patent Trial Best Practices: Judge and Bar Perspectives
November 14, 2012


Western M&A Forum
Speaking: Elvir Causevic, M&A Lessons Learned – What’s Worked and What Hasn’t
November 14, 2012


Patent Valuation: Strategies for a New Asset Class
November 14, 2012


IP Strategy Summit: An Investor's Perspective on IP
Speaking: James E. Malackowski
November 13, 2012


IPLAC Judge's Dinner
November 2, 2012


IPLAC IP Law Symposium
November 2, 2012


AIPLA Annual Meeting
October 25-27, 2012


LES Silcon Valley Chapter: Patents for Startups - Opportunity, Necessity, or Nuisance, September 26, 2012 | details


Annual Conference of LES Scandinavia: Commercializing Creativity, September 9-11, 2012 | details


LES Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Tokyo, September 3-4, 2012 | details Speaking: James E. Malackowski, CEO, Ocean Tomo | download presentation


Annual Conference of LES Scandinavia: Commercializing Creativity, September 9-11, 2012 | details


LES Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Tokyo, September 3-4, 2012 | details Speaking: James E. Malackowski, CEO, Ocean Tomo | download presentation


38th Annual Intellectual Property Law Summer Institute, July 19-21, 2012 | details


Searle Center Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, June 14-15, 2012 Speaking: James E. Malackowski, CEO, Ocean Tomo | download presentation


McDermott Intellectual Property Symposium. June 13-14, 2012 | details


Patent Disputes 2012: Patent Reform and New Models for a New Market, June 19, 2012


LES Pan-European Conference, June 10–12, 2012 | details


Business of IP Asia Forum, December 2, 2011


LAUNCH Energy Forum, November 10-13, 2011


Western M&A Forum, November 9, 2011


Patent Litigation Conference, November 8, 2011


AIPLA Annual Meeting, October 20-22, 2011 | View Related Content


Red Jacket Optional - Celebrating 55 Years of Chicago Children's Choir, October 21, 2011


Developing Commercial IP Markets - October 12, 2011


2011 Congress on Patent Strategies for the financial services Industry, September 19-20, 2011


2011 Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference, Jointly With the Federal Circuit Bar Association, September 24-25, 2011


IPO Annual Meeting, September 11-14, 2011


TechWeek Chicago, July 22-29, 2011


IP Business Congress, June 19-21, 2011


INTA Annual Meeting, May 14-18, 2011


New Building Blocks for Jobs and Economic Growth: Intangible Assets as Sources of Increased Productivity and Enterprise Value, May 16-17, 2011


IP Counsel Forum, March 23-24, 2011


VALCON, February 23-25, 2011


LES Meeting, February 10-11, 2011


AIPLA, February 2-5, 2011