Spurring Economic Growth Using Intangible Assets

I have long noted that although the U.S. IP market is the envy of the world, not enough attention has been paid to the role of governmental policy to further our leadership edge. This is troubling in light of the oft reported efforts of European, Asian and now the Mid-East efforts to build a technology-based economy using IP as a tool for growth.

The Athena Alliance, a leading Washington DC think tank, is working to push forward an economic development agenda focused on IP as an asset class.

Last May, the reach of the Alliance was clear as Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke addressed the organization on this exact topic.

As follow-up, the Athena Alliance has just announced a new advisory committee to suggest means to meet “economic challenges arising from the emerging interconnected knowledge intensive world”.

I am pleased to report that I have been asked to be part of the nine member Advisory Committee. As the Committee begins its work, I will endeavor to post here to keep the larger Ocean Tomo community informed.

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Image Source: http://www.athenaalliance.org/