Ocean Tomo Research includes three advanced, web-based intellectual property-focused analysis tools:

Ocean Tomo Ratings™ System

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system is the most advanced web-based patent data, rating and analysis platform designed for objectively assessing patent quality, relevant patents and technologies, competition, and competitive trends. The market validated system is used by major global corporations among the top 100 IP holders. From individual patents and patent portfolios, to technology sectors and companies, the Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system provides unparalleled strategic insight and analysis.

Built upon patented methodologies (U.S. Patent No. 6,556,992 and 7,716,226) derived from assessing the entire universe of U.S. issued patents, with over 50 discrete patent attributes validated by market participants, the Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system shows interrelationships among all U.S. patents with a numerical relevance score. No other analysis and research tool combines patent quality metrics with other competitive portfolio assessment on a single accessible platform. The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system is offered as a subscription or through individual reports.

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PatentMarking™ Notification Platform

Ocean Tomo created the PatentMarking notification platform.  It is both a virtual marking service and a system designed to support companies’ management and maintenance of their patent-to-product information while providing a more effective means of managing the risk of false marking. 

The PatentMarking notification platform (patent-pending), is the first and only system supporting corporate management with patent marking data by providing companies with a single searchable repository for storing their patent-to-product related information.  The platform allows companies to cost-effectively maintain and share information on the patented innovations contained within each of their marketed products or services.

Historically it was simple to mark patent numbers on individual products; today the logistics of such can be extremely difficult given the number of patents used in any given product, the size of the product itself and the rapid change in features or construction.

Traditional marking of products or brochures is cumbersome and expensive. Online marking allows for efficient updates and integrates the ability to search across patent numbers, licensees or products. The PatentMarking  notification platform supports the corporate management of patent marking data through annual subscriptions, providing companies with a single repository for storing their patent-to-product related data.

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Established jointly by Ocean Tomo and the Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI), OTI is a community-driven, comprehensive source of global Intellectual Property-based market information.

OTI provides IP, finance, business, and media professionals an all-inclusive online platform containing the latest IP news and market pricing. OTI's research tools and global patents and transaction data help drive intelligent business decisions in a highly competitive global economy.

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