Cross-Licensing Report

Today, intellectual property and patent data is widely available, but the sources of data and the formats in which these data are presented are not practical for quickly and efficiently deriving meaningful business intelligence. Various software tools address these challenges, but typically require a specialist to extract useful information and analysis. With the aid of Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system our Strategic Analytics division offers standardized IP research reports that are packaged to deliver immediate impact.

Many cross-licensing agreements are lopsided, where one participant provides more value than another. Ocean Tomo’s Strategic Analytics Cross-Licensing Report has all of the information needed for decision makers to understand the relative value a cross-licensing agreement offers them. It provides a quick and effective method of comparing the portfolios of two firms in terms of overall patent value. It can further give an indication of how the agreement will impact the market position of each firm.

Cross-Licensing Report Deliverables

  • Financial Analysis of Each Firm
  • Breakdown of Patent Value by Technology Area
  • Quality & Age Ranking of Key Patents
  • Relevant Technology Comparisons
  • Relevant Company Analysis
  • Patent Age & Quality Distributions
  • Cross-Licensing Impact Analysis

Ocean Tomo’s Strategic Analytics products and services assist innovative companies in actively managing their intellectual property portfolios. Services offered through the Strategic Analytics group support both in-house transaction diligence and client-side evaluation and development efforts. Primary service offerings are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse client base ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 entities.

Many of Ocean Tomo’s Strategic Analytics services are available unbundled, and on a fixed rate or project basis. The product of Ocean Tomo’s work is insightful, detailed, and rigorous, utilizing both qualitative judgment and quantitative methods. Close collaboration with clients may, in certain cases, require relocation of Ocean Tomo analysts to a client site for longer term engagements.