Transactions Advisory

Ocean Tomo’s Transaction Advisory Services are based on unparalleled experience across a comprehensive set of IP driven opportunities. Whether the focus is limited to specific IP assets, the sale of a business segment or equity value recognition, our engagement structure aligns our expertise with the interests of our client. The scope of our work extends from proprietary Ocean Tomo solutions to negotiation of terms for third party assistance to partnership with independent industry leaders originally incubated and developed at Ocean Tomo. Ocean Tomo offers access to a full range of transactional platforms for sale and licensing. Our clients enjoy greater value because our tool box is unbounded. 


The current global economy has set a new landscape for the recognition and accurate valuation of all assets and invested capital. Ocean Tomo’s professionals and strategic partners possess the expert capability to deliver the results that you require in a timely manner to satisfy all phases of your business cycle.

Our clients retain us to assist in capturing the value associated with all aspects of a business enterprise. This knowledge enables them to proactively plan for M&A activity, strategize in anticipation of, and within, litigation, and address all financial reporting and tax requirements. 


Through its innovative product offerings, IPXI facilitates investment in and risk management of IP-related assets, and allows IP owners - both large and small - to unlock the value of their assets, creating an efficient and transparent means for technology transfer to improve price discovery. By enhancing efficiency and transparency in the marketplace, IPXI promotes a deeper understanding of the economics of innovation.

IPXI has developed, and is built upon, a number of new, innovative, and patent-protected (or patent-pending) financial products, including Unit License Right™ (ULR) contracts.

ULR Contracts

ULR contracts transform the private licensing of technology into tradable, consumable products on the Exchange, allowing for improved market transparency, smooth technology transfers, and increased market efficiency. Learn more »

Sale / Acquisition

Ocean Tomo

On June 16, 2009, Ocean Tomo, LLC, entered into a ten year relationship with ICAP (IAP.L), the world’s premier interdealer broker, to further build the market for intellectual property-based transactions. The acquisition of the Ocean Tomo transactions division led to a newly created company, ICAP Ocean Tomo, LLC, providing for a long-term working partnership.

ICAP Ocean Tomo is the intellectual property brokerage division of ICAP. ICAP Ocean Tomo matches buyers and sellers for the sale of patents and other Intellectual Property assets through the platforms of Private Brokerage and Live Auction. With hundreds of successful transactions and over $150 million in sales over the last five years, no other patent brokerage has the proven track record of ICAP Ocean Tomo.