Sale / Acquisition

Ocean Tomo Transactions offers a purpose-built continuum of proven solutions to monetize and acquire patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and domain Intellectual Property (IP). Each Ocean Tomo service or market platform is designed to efficiently close sell-side, buy-side and license-based transactions. An Ocean Tomo professional will provide the information you need to choose the right option for your business including:

Live Auctions

Held four times a year, Live IP Auctions sources and selects high-value, market-ready small to mid-sized portfolios worth up to $10 million or more and presents them to a network of engaged buyers via telepresence remote access in a live open-cry auction format. External technical experts and counsel are engaged to review the patents to ensure knoledgeable input on patent value market applicability throughout quality independent evidence-of-use (EOU) preparation.

Private Auctions

Planned regularly in one of our offices, Private Auctions matches the rigor of Private Sales but with a broader outreach to likely interested buyers.  Offers from all financially qualified bidders are accepted and terms are often negotiated with each buyer to meet their business requirements.  Final sale is dependent on the best fit as determined by the IP owner.

Private Sales

Sell your IP with our high-touch investment banking service.  IP submitted to Private Sales is subject to rigorous market review and diligence to assure that only high-quality portfolios are brought to market.  Potential buyers are limited to those hand-picked by our team of experts and pre-approved by the IP owner.  Private Sales focuses on expected values between $2.5 million and $50 million or more.

Private Acquisition

Ocean Tomo is contacted continually by buyers seeking patents which protect specific technologies, products or services.  In select cases and for limited periods of time, we are able to work exclusively with industry operating companies to present a “first-offer” on all qualified IP within a defined field.

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask Market (in beta)

All patents and published applications are expressed on the Ocean Tomo bid-ask market.  Interested buyers can submit an anonymous bid through the market, prompting direct contact to the registered assignee.  Patent owners can offer assets for sale by simply posting an “ask” through the market, prompting notification to likely interested buyers.  When active bid-ask quotes develop for any asset, Ocean Tomo professionals promptly engage to close the sale.