Multiple-Methodology Valuation Report

These reports are geared toward individuals or organizations requiring assistance with tax planning, patent buying and selling, purchase price allocation, intangible impairment testing, and transfer price analysis.

Multiple-Methodology Valuation Reports Include

Market Assessment - The market assessment analyzes the performance of relevant intangible assets by mapping past and present trends within the technological sector in question. Clients are provided with an accurate and predictive assessment of present and future potential. The market assessment tracks key market players, competitors, buyers and licensees, allowing clients to understand the potential and demand for the technology in question.

Royalty Base & Royalty Rates - This section provides estimates for a particular technology's royalty base and anticipated royalty rates. Having determined the optimal approaches for the process, our professionals obtain the royalty base and royalty rate estimates that can be expected from licensing the subject technology.

Patent Relevancy Analysis - Employing our proprietary PatentRatings® system, the patent relevancy analysis grants clients the ability to identify related patents, patent holders, potential infringements, buyers and sellers. This section includes an analysis of companies with patent portfolios most relevant to the subject technology.

Multiple-Methodology Valuation Determination - To accurately value intellectual property, experts must be acquainted with existing methodologies in order to understand when particular approaches are necessary and appropriate. The valuation model used for this report utilizes multiple valuation methodologies, including the Income, Market and Cost approaches.