Sample Projects

Acquisition/Sale Targeting & Pricing

A company with a significant portfolio of domestic and international patents and patent applications was considering a variety of M&A options, driven by a recent offer for the company. The portfolio of IP was clearly the most valuable asset of the business, however, it appeared to be significantly understated on the balance sheet.

Due to the size of the portfolio and internal resource constraints, the company was unable to properly categorize its patent portfolio to its product line, and also had a keen interest in understanding the quality of its portfolio in relation to its top competitors.

Ocean Tomo produced comprehensive and timely deliverables, providing the company with an understanding of the quality and value of its portfolio, allowing it to meet stringent internal deadlines for formulating its near-term business strategy.

Pre-Litigation Strategy

A company with proprietary consumer product technology was nearing the approval of its U.S. patent. A direct competitor began to aggressively market its new product that would be commercially available within the next several months, and our client was certain that the competitor's technology infringed on the claims of its pending patent.

Our client required a timely valuation that would assist in its strategy of approaching its competitor in order to initiate a proactive licensing or sale negotiation. Should all negotiations fail and litigation ensue, Ocean Tomo is prepared to testify to its assumptions, methodologies and conclusion.

Financial Reporting

A private equity group completed its acquisition of a U.S. manufacturing company in a transaction valued at over $100 million. As part of its exercise, Ocean Tomo personnel valued the core Intellectual Property that included the business trade name and patents, and other identifiable intangible assets, such as customer relationships, non-compete agreements, lease agreements, and the assembled and trained workforce.

Significant discussion around the company's operations led to the conclusion that the proprietary, but unpatented, "know how" of certain manufacturing processes had created one of the most valuable intangible assets for the company, which was previously not accurately quantified and recorded.

Brand valuation - litigation

An organization owning one of the world's most recognized entertainment brands licensed the brand to a third party. The brand owner was not receiving the proper amount of royalties from the licensee and asked Ocean Tomo to audit the royalty payments.

Our audit determined that there was significant underpayment - enough to justify litigation to enforce the license agreement. During litigation, we were hired again to value the brand for a settlement negotiation.

Licensing Strategy

A major financial services company began a program to regularly review its IP portfolio to establish monetization strategies to generate annuity revenue. Ocean Tomo first assessed the quality of specified patents, as well as relevant competitors in terms of comparability of their IP portfolios using its proprietary Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system. The we utilized the output of these reports to make a determination as to which patents had the strongest licensing potential, and engaged our valuation practice to complete current fair market value assessments. The company was able to directly utilize Ocean Tomo’s deliverables to assist in the structure of license agreements, and were quickly able to demonstrate to senior management that a successful monetization strategy had commenced.