Sports & Entertainment Valuation

Well-known brands and companies work with Ocean Tomo to understand the value of intellectual property (IP) in the sports and entertainment industries. Our ability to identify, value and negotiate IP allows us to help our clients in understanding what drives IP value.

Ocean Tomo provides unique services to the sports and entertainment industries, including sponsorship and naming rights valuation and procurement, sports franchise valuation, and entertainment industry-specific valuation.

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Sponsorship & Naming Rights Valuation & Procurement

Ocean Tomo understands brand value, and helps in connecting strong brands to appropriate marketing opportunities through sponsorships and naming rights. We seek to meet our clients' needs by producing diverse, high-profile sponsorships with maximum visibility, combined with sensitivities to political and local issues.

In understanding the factors driving brand value, Ocean Tomo maximizes marketing opportunities for our clients. We represent companies looking for marketing opportunities, as well as organizations looking for sponsorship partners. Ocean Tomo develops creative marketing partnerships designed to maximize and leverage all parties' strengths.

For venue owners, we access our broad global client base in seeking out potential partners. For companies seeking to maximize their marketing budgets, Ocean Tomo creates unique brand experiences designed to increase brand value.

Sponsorship & Naming Rights Services Include:

  • Naming rights, sponsorship, and other commercial rights valuation and marketing
  • Identification of potential sponsorship partners and opportunities
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Sponsor evaluation and due diligence
  • Contract negotiation

Franchise (Teams) & Series Valuation

The valuation of a sports franchise or series is a complex undertaking, involving elements of both business and IP valuation. Ocean Tomo understands the elements required in determining the value of a sports franchise or series.

Sports Franchise & Series Services Include:

  • Valuation of closely held and public companies owning all or partial interest in sports-related businesses
  • Pre-acquisition valuation of sports assets and companies
  • Purchase price allocation of sports assets and companies
  • Valuation for buyouts of shareholder interests
  • Tax liability valuation
  • Warrant, buy/sell incentive, or other option valuation
  • Player contracts
  • Season ticket holder lists
  • Leasehold interests or agreements

Entertainment Valuation

Ocean Tomo is experience in valuing IP rights associated with the entertainment industry. From valuing film rights to damages for piracy to licensing negotiations, Ocean Tomo valuation professionals possess a deep understanding of underlying IP assets. When paired with our expertise in financial modeling and market research, Ocean Tomo is uniquely qualified to quantify the value of esoteric tangible and intangible assets and businesses in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Industry Related Services:

  • Valuation of film rights and libraries
  • Valuation of branded property
  • Pre-acquisition valuation of entertainment and film assets and companies
  • Purchase price allocation of film and media companies
  • Valuation for licensing, including reasonable royalty rates
  • IP valuation of litigation, including damages related to piracy
  • Joint venture valuation
  • Domain name valuation
  • Royalty audits