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The Ocean Tomo Ratings system is the most advanced web-based patent data, ratings and analysis platform designed for objectively assessing patent quality, relevant patents and technologies, competition, and competitive trends. The system is market validated and used by major global corporations among the top 100 IP holders. From individual patents and patent portfolios, to technology sectors and companies, the Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system provides unparalleled strategic insights and analysis.

Ocean Tomo Ratingsproprietary rating software objectively scores and rates patent assets based on a proven statistical methodology. OTR scores are similar to the familiar IQ score for rating human intelligence (median = 100). All patents are scored on the same scale regardless of the field of technology or the particular class/subclass of the invention.

OTR Reports provide an objective and statistically valid assessment of the overall quality and potential value of individual patents. OTR scores measure and compare patent quality based on the cumulative characteristics of patents that make them more or less likely to produce economic returns.

OTR™ Report Contents

An Objective Methodology for the Comparison of Patents

The OTR score is a computer-generated numerical ranking based on a multi-variate regression analysis of a number of identified predictor variables (patent “metrics”) determined to have significant statistical correlation to patent maintenance or mortality rates.

Statistical Basis for Active Management of a Portfolio of Patents

OTR ratings are derived from PTO maintenance fee records using statistical patent survival analysis. The model looks for statistically significant correlations between patent survival (maintenance or abandonment rates) and certain objective attributes or metrics revealed by the patent document itself, its prosecution history, and/or associated public records.

Comparison of a Patent's Trends Across Industries, Sectors and Technologies

Patents are ranked on a percentile basis according to OTR score. The percentile rank represents the proportion of patents in a given population that have OTR scores less than or equal to the reported score. Patents are ranked according to five different groupings: Overall, Field, Class, Subclass, and Assignee.

Predictive Data Regarding the Expected Life of an Intellectual Asset

Average estimated patent life expectancies are determined using OTR scores and various actuarial tables and calculations developed by Ocean Tomo Ratings. The OTR Report provides estimates of both total life expectancy (total years from issuance) and the remaining life expectancy (average number of years the patent is expected to survive).

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