Ocean Tomo Ratings™ Systems

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ systems are the most advanced web-based patent data, ratings and analysis platforms designed for objectively assessing patent quality, relevant patent and technologies, competition and competitive trends.  From individual patents and patent portfolios, to technology sectors and companies, the Ocean Tomo Ratings systems provide unparalleled strategic insights and analysis.

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ systems are part of planned global platforms which will include a unique set of patent quality and relevance scores for each of the five major patent issuing organizations. Since 2005, Ocean Tomo has been a leader in providing ratings for U.S. patents (OTR™-USPTO). Separate ratings for all patents issued by the EPO (OTR™-EPO) were completed at the beginning of 2014. The firm anticipates introducing additional Asian based ratings in 2014-2015. 

Ocean Tomo Ratings™ System for Patents Issued by the USPTO

Ocean Tomo Ratings™ System for Patents Issued by the EPO


Ocean Tomo Ratings™ Systems Annual Subscriptions

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ systems are offered through annual subscriptions or through individual standard or customized reports. 

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ System Can Uniquely:

  • Provide objective platforms with quality matrix
  • Present ratings on all, or relevant, U.S. patents issued after 1976 and EPO patents issued after 1978
  • Offer a method of analyzing relevance that overcomes the limitations of language and translation
  • Identify relevant patents to a reference patent or set of patents in a technology
  • Explore licensing or acquisition opportunities
  • Support IP transaction decisions
  • Support IP portfolio management decisions
  • Evaluate opportunities and threats within the IP marketplace
  • Benchmark competition and gather IP intelligence

From Patents to Strategic Business Decisions

OTR™ Systems for Corporations, SMEs, Universities and Laboratories

The power of the Ocean Tomo Ratings™ systems are extraordinary for in-house licensing executives, R&D staff and senior management. The platforms assist organizations with IP portfolio management, IP licensing, portfolio evaluation, abandonment decision-making, R&D budgeting, competitive analysis, and strategic investing.

OTR™ Systems for Law Firms and Other Consultants

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ systems are an essential tool for patent prosecution firms. The platforms provide instant access to relevant prior art without the time delay and expense associated with sub-contracting prior art search to a third party.

OTR™ Systems for Investors and Analysts

Private equity investors use the Ocean Tomo Ratings™ systems to identify companies with strong IP in their fields of interest. Companies with the best portfolios are proven to provide higher returns, as demonstrated by the performance of Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index and other public measures.

Assignee Tracking

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ systems have the ability to link patents to their true owners more accurately than any other available system. Patent ownership information is linked to its current entity based on complex mapping algorithms which are then normalized to an entity’s ultimate parent, allowing easier analysis of major competitors within a particular technology space.

Often, this information is difficult to obtain or of poor quality, yet it is critical when analyzing a patent portfolio for the purpose of making licensing, acquisition, partnering or investment decisions.

Market Validation

The Ocean Tomo Ratings system for U.S. issued utility patents is market validated and used by major global corporations among the top 100 IP holders. The European system is currently under-going market validation.

The Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system was used as the sole source of patent related data used to identify the constituent companies to the Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index. The Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index is comprised of 300 equity securities of companies with the highest innovation ratio (maintenance value of the company patent portfolio relative to the book value of the company) within their investment style and size. From its inception in January 2006 through July 2010, the OT300 has outperformed the S&P® 500 by 877 basis points.




Data accessible through OceanTomo.com/ratings was prepared by Ocean Tomo based on proprietary algorithms and other statistical information provided by PatentRatings, LLC. All scores, ratings and ranks are statistical in nature and are based on publicly available data. They are not based on, nor do they consider any legal opinions or other professional opinions, advice or other information (public or otherwise) that may have bearing on the subject matter of the analysis. No direct statistical correlation has been established between OTR™ scores and "fair market value," royalty rates, validity, enforceability or infringement and OTR scores should not be relied upon to prove or establish the existence or probability of such facts. No direct statistical correlation has been established between Relevance scores and patentability or materiality, and Relevance scores should not be relied upon to prove, establish or support any opinion of the materiality or patentability of one patent in view of another. Some of the information and services provided by this website may be covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 6,556,992; 7,657,476; 7,716,226; and other patents pending. Copyright 2001-2013 PatentRatings, LLC. Copyright 2011-2013 Ocean Tomo, LLC. All rights reserved.