Dean Becker is Vice Chairman of the Ocean Tomo Board of Advisors where he leads ideation for new products and services as well as chairs the Board’s member selection committee. Currently Mr. Becker manages his personal IP brokerage activities in collaboration with Ocean Tomo’s Advisory Services Business Unit. Mr. Becker held the position of Ocean Tomo Vice Chairman and Managing Director from 2005 to 2009. He was CEO of ICAP Patents from 2009-2016.

Mr. Becker has been widely recognized as a visionary in the field of intellectual property markets having created the Ocean Tomo Live Public Auction practice in 2006. He has extensive experience as a principal in venture capital and private equity funded transactions with a focus in the telecommunications industry.

Mr. Becker’s market-making experience extends back more than 30 years across several technologies. He founded 422 Inc., an innovative wireless directory assistance service. He was also the Chairman and CEO of eWireless, a patent-based abbreviated dial service across all major wireless carriers that enabled direct response consumer marketing for participating radio advertisers. Mr. Becker served for several years as the Chairman and CEO of Becker Beeper.