The Ocean Tomo Strategic Analytics team has extensive experience consulting with IP, investment, and other business professionals to inform decisions regarding IP portfolio review and categorization; portfolio development, identification and assessment; acquisition of target IP portfolios; IP transaction due diligence; and monetization and commercialization strategies.

Ocean Tomo provides clients with the advice required to navigate today’s ever-changing IP landscape. Strategic Analytics professionals actively provide advice to companies dealing with the uncertainty surrounding the emergence of Patent Licensing and Enforcement Companies (PLECs). Through the use of proprietary analytical tools, Ocean Tomo can evaluate a client’s portfolio in comparison with those of its closest competitors and use that intelligence to formulate a strategic IP plan to maximize the value of the client’s innovation.

Acquisition Analyses Include

Ocean Tomo’s Strategic Analytics products and services assist innovative companies in actively managing their intellectual property portfolios. Services offered through the Strategic Analytics group support both in-house transaction diligence and client-side evaluation and development efforts. Primary service offerings are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse client base ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 entities.

Many of Ocean Tomo’s Strategic Analytics services are available unbundled, and on a fixed rate or project basis. The product of Ocean Tomo’s work is insightful, detailed, and rigorous, utilizing both qualitative judgment and quantitative methods. Close collaboration with clients may, in certain cases, require relocation of Ocean Tomo analysts to a client site for longer term engagements.


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