Day 1 at CES

Wed, 1/9/2019 - 4:00PM — KRISTI L. STATHIS

Ocean Tomo CEO Jim Malackowski Thoroughly Enjoyed Day 1 at CES

The day began with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, (our CEO Jim Malackowski serves on the board), announcement of the 2019 Inductees. Looking forward to the Induction Ceremony which will take place in May in DC.

Ocean Tomo CEO Jim Malackowski, participated in a demonstration of Alibaba’s Real-Time Translator During Video Calls technology. Developed by Alibaba’s Machine Intelligence Technology Laboratory, the system for cross-border communication could be a real game-changer both for e-commerce as well as business-to-business communciation.

Panasonic Corporations LastMile Hub was on display. Leveraging Panasonic’s IoT technology, the modular refrigerated cabinet system is designed to provide customizable storage units of various sizes and temperature settings. The LastMile Hub also includes a UI integration that allows for delivery tracking and cabinet access.

Really enjoyed seeing the renewal of this iconic brand – Victrola. Purchased in 2016 by Innovative Technology Electronics Corporation, the company has created a variety of consumer electronic products around this nostalgic brand.

Over at the Intel display, we enjoyed watching the virtual assembly of a drone demonstrating the Intel – Mimesys and Ericsson collaboration on holographic technology.

We wrapped up the Day 1 at CES at the WIRED Café. Had the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend from Ocean Tomo’s Racing Days – Sam Schmidt, Team Owner of Schmidt Peterson Racing. Sam accompanied the team from Arrow Electronics (one of his team sponsors) to the WIRED Café, also sponsored by Arrow. Special thanks to Nick Thompson for the invite!

Pictured: Jim Malackowski, Ocean Tomo CEO; Sam Schmidt, Schmidt Peterson Racing; Nick Thompson, Editor, WIRED; Jack Stewart, Senior Writer, WIRED.

Off to visit with I-EEE to explore the Eureka Village this morning.



Kristi L. Stathis is the Marketing Director for Ocean Tomo and serves on the board for the Center for Applied Innovation, a Chicago-based non-profit organization created to manage education, public policy outreach and related economic activity around applied technology and intellectual property (IP) rights in the State of Illinois and around the world. She is the co-creator of the Center for Applied Innovation’s Invent for Humanity™ Technology Transfer Exchange Fair, a community, marketplace and event facilitating Appropriate Technology transfer for the betterment of mankind. She also serves on the board of The Children’s Research Fund, principal benefactor of the Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute, the research arm of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, having served as the annual campaign co-chair in 2013.


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