Ocean Tomo's culture is entrepreneurial, open and based on a foundation of core values. Most importantly, Ocean Tomo is an organization built on the concept of the "team", where every employee makes a difference. Our culture is a key differentiator when recruiting new professionals, and can be seen in our actions, policies and values.

Firm “Family” Values

We value quality, integrity and honesty.

Ocean Tomo is a united family - we work together to help each other.

We are responsible to our investors, our management partners, our fellow employees, and ourselves. We do not stray away from our investment thesis or our values.

Every activity in which we participate should yield a return through goodwill or new direct or indirect opportunities.

We are respectful of the firm's heritage to which we are custodians - every person we meet should be impressed by our professionalism and values.

Criticism must be constructive; family criticism must be private.

Time is our most valued commodity - any potential client we meet or transaction we consider should be of high quality and relevant to our mission and investment thesis.

Under-promise and over-deliver; aim high but don't overstate.

We work hard in a smart and efficient way, remembering the importance of balance in our lives.

Our effort is 110% - anticipate your expected contribution and then outperform.

Organizational Structure

Ocean Tomo fosters a team environment consisting of four professional levels, where advancement to the next level is based on individual performance and contributions.

Analyst - The entry-level point for undergraduates with degrees in accounting, finance, or economics from top-tier business programs. This position is expected to be a three to four year position, at which time the employee begins to supervise more junior analysts, taking on additional client responsibility. Analysts are primarily responsible for financial analysis, modeling, research, and report writing.

Associate - The entry-level point for professionals with MBA's, PhD's, or certain other advanced skill sets (e.g. CPA or CFA). Associates are primarily responsible for developing the analysis used in engagements, directing the efforts of the Analysts and managing engagements with Director or Managing Director input.

Director - Similar to a "Senior Associate" at a law firm or Director at an investment bank, these individuals have proven themselves as having the potential to achieve Managing Director status after achievement of certain defined goals. Directors are primarily responsible for managing engagements.

Managing Director - Similar to a Partner at a law firm or Managing Director at an investment bank. All Managing Directors share in the decision making at the firm. Managing Directors are primarily responsible for bringing new business, testifying and managing large engagements.

Career Development

At Ocean Tomo, you will find yourself surrounded by professionals with over 200 combined years of experience, who will challenge you to perform at your peak. In addition to providing continuous training while on client engagements, we offer the following tools to help you develop a rewarding long-term career with us.

Our All-Firm Knowledge Sharing Session is held each summer, and is an opportunity for all of our employees to convene in one location in order to strengthen relationships, as well as teach each other about their respective business.

Firm-wide update meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month from 3:30pm to 5:00pm (CST) followed by a fun activity offsite (bowling, billards, etc.) from 5:00pm to 7:00pm (CST). Agenda includes a Firm Update by a Senior Officer followed by 5-minute meaningful practice updates. Meeting is concluded with a 20-minute team building exercise with prizes awarded.

We have also developed a Competency Model to help you understand performance expectations for each level. You have two opportunities each year, during our Semi-Annual Review Process, to set performance goals based on the Competency Model and receive feedback from Managing Directors


Driven by our Firm "Family" Values, Ocean Tomo offers competitive compensation and benefits, such as group medical and dental plans, as well as flexible spending accounts for out-of-pocket medical costs, childcare and transportation. We also offer professional certification and educational assistance, flexible work arrangements, firm-paid short-term and long-term disability, life coverage, and a 401k plan that you may contribute to from your first day on payroll.