Ocean Tomo has the right solution for all high-quality, market-clearing IP. Ocean Tomo is uniquely qualified to successfully conduct due diligence and close transactions through our extensive transactional experience and our ability to leverage the broader insight and relationships of Ocean Tomo as a firm - a network unmatched in the IP space. Our relationships include personal contacts with senior IP and C-level executives at the largest operating companies as well as the nation's most respected venture capital and private equity firms. In addition, our Expert Testimony, Technical Insights, Valuation, and Strategy practice groups provide a broad network of technical and financial experts that we access to ensure that IP quality is kept high. No matter what technology or IP asset you need to buy or sell, Ocean Tomo and our industry-leading team have the experience you need.

Collectively, Ocean Tomo professionals have:

Ocean Tomo is independent and privately owned. Ocean Tomo does not acquire patents to assert or license.

Ocean Tomo Private Auctions

Our Private Auctions practice combines the rigor of Private Sales with the competitive bidding inherent in a real-time auction. Private Auctions bring together a measured number of "finalist bidders" for meetings with the seller and then concludes in a definitive sale through proven auction methods such as round-robin bidding. Private Auctions are used when one or more of the following criteria are important:

Our focus on quality and market-ready IP portfolios combined with Ocean Tomo's trusted industry reputation translates into buyers taking the opportunities we present very seriously. Our team has significant experience in evidence-of-use (EOU) review. Ocean Tomo professionals administer independent IP review to develop EOU for patents through its consulting network, unique crowd sourcing program, and high-caliber legal partners. Through our many years of buy-side experience, we know what the market demands and what drives value. Using our Private Auctions platform, you can expect your patent portfolio or other IP assets to sell for the highest price in the shortest time.

Ocean Tomo Live Auctions

Our Live Intellectual Property Auctions practice sources and selects high-value, market-ready IP portfolios and presents them to a network of engaged buyers via telepresence remote access in a live open-cry auction format, where one or more of the following criteria are important:

Eight years after pioneering the live open-cry IP market, Ocean Tomo now operates its second generation auction platform based on input from the corporate buyer and seller community. Ocean Tomo Auctions serves buyers and sellers across North America, Europe, and Asia ranging from small entities to Fortune 100 companies.

    "Our needs have evolved when it comes to acquisitions. Today, we are focused on quality rather than quantity and the patents we are looking to acquire must meet very specific objectives." "We welcome Ocean Tomo to provide us with offerings that are supported by strong 'evidence-of-use' because my team doesn't have the time to evaluate and prioritize everything that comes across my desk."
    -Head of Acquisitions, Fortune 250 Technology Company
    "I like the auction format because it is straight forward and provides a reasonable, well-defined amount of time for diligence." "I also like the real-time market intelligence a live auction provides when bidding while being able to see the price at which other patents sell. This helps me value future acquisition opportunities."
    -Head of Patent Acquisitions, Fortune 100 Technology Company
    "An auction can help close a sale faster than a private transaction because the market knows there is a fixed date on which they will be able to acquire a portfolio, which will reduce the time for monetization while helping me meet my revenue targets."
    -Head of Patent Monetization, Fortune 100 Company

Ocean Tomo seeks to hold live, lot-limited auctions as well as, with special purpose events. Ocean Tomo Live Auctions utilizes an open-cry format but can accomondate innovative auction bidding models for unique lots.


Ocean Tomo Live Auctions are broadcast publicly, reaching a global audience while providing for remote bidding and reducing the travel commitments for both buyers and sellers. Many buyers prefer the security and privacy of their own offices in order to more efficiently adjust offers while an auction is in progress.


All IP included for sale passes a rigorous screening process in order to assure quality. External technical experts and counsel are engaged to review the patents to ensure knowledgeable input on patent value market applicability through quality independent evidence-of-use (EOU) preparation. Diligence is through access to an on-line data room and is also facilitated by interviews with sellers.

Private Auctions and Live Auctions are both important parts of a complete transactions platform supported by Ocean Tomo. Our firm is unique in our ability to offer a range of solutions to our clients rather than the 'one-size-fits-all' approach others presume. Buyers and sellers alike value a simple, transparent system that provides clear timelines for sale, equal access, and price discovery.

Ocean Tomo makes selling patent portfolios and other IP assets quick and easy for both the inexperienced and veteran IP owner. No other platform and no other broker has the relationships with the most innovation institutions worldwide necessary to bring the same quality of IP to market. Ocean Tomo Auction ensures the most efficient transactions for high-value intellectual property.

Submissions from patent owners looking to sell their patents are now being accepted at transactions@oceantomo.com. Buyers who wish to register to bid or who have questions may contact Ocean Tomo at newmarkets@oceantomo.com.

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