The Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index is the industry’s first index based on the value of intellectual property. It is a market capitalization weighted index comprised of 300 publicly traded companies that own quality patent portfolios. The Index was invented by Keith Cardoza and James Malackowski. The American Stock Exchange began to price the Index under the symbol OTPAT on September 16, 2006.

The Index annually reconstitutes after the close of of the last business day of October. The Index divisor was initially determined to yield a benchmark value of 5000.00 at the close of trading December 31, 2004. The Index is patent pending and was created by, and is a trademark of Ocean Tomo Capital, LLC.

Index Methodology

The Index selection methodology is designed to identify six companies within each of 50 style and size groups - value, relative value, blend, growth at a reasonable price (GARP), and growth by decile - with the highest patent maintenance value to book value ratio as determined by Ocean Tomo, LLC, using the Ocean Tomo RatingsTM system.

The Index is designed to actively represent a group of stocks that own quality patent portfolios. The Index constituent selection methodology evaluates and selects stocks from a universe of 1,000 companies using a proprietary, 100% rules-based methodology developed by Ocean Tomo. Utilizing multi-factor proprietary selection rules, Ocean Tomo seeks to identify those stocks offering the greatest patent value opportunities while maintaining broad-based diversification. The approach is specifically designed to enhance investment applications and investability.

Index Construction


Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index Brochure
Ocean Tomo 300TM Patent Index Methodology