Eric Carnick

Eric is an Expert Testimony Director in our Chicago office. He was recruited from the University of Illinois in 2006.

Ocean Tomo has been a rewarding experience. I could not have asked for a better opportunity directly out of school. Through building models, writing reports and conversing with clients, the work at Ocean Tomo has challenged my critical thinking, creative abilities and communication skills.

Garrett Glover

Garrett is an Expert Testimony Associate in our Chicago office. He was recruited from Indiana University in 2012.

I graduated from Indiana University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. As a freshman, I played for the Hoosier baseball team and continued to be involved in intramural sports thereafter. I first became aware of Ocean Tomo through an employee at a networking event. Although I was originally unaware of the industry, through conversations and other interviews within the industry I quickly learned that this was the right fit for me. During the interviews at Ocean Tomo, I felt that the office culture was very friendly and that employees were genuine. I also liked the idea of working in intellectual property on a wide range of topics.

As an employee, I appreciate that no two days at the office are the same.

Justin Lewis

Justin is an Expert Testimony Managing Director in our San Francisco office. He joined Ocean Tomo in 2007.

The two main reasons I chose Ocean Tomo are the people and the focus on intellectual property. During the interview process, I met a number of Ocean Tomo professionals, all of which impressed me with their knowledge of intellectual property as well as the litigation process. There is a clear focus and team mentality that was evident from the first interview. Ocean Tomo is the only place I know that has a primary focus on the financial aspects of intellectual property and for someone who knew he wanted to work in the IP litigation field it was a welcome change from the firms that try to specialize in multiple disciplines.

Sheryl Mikols

Sheryl is an Expert Testimony Managing Director in our Chicago office. She joined Ocean Tomo in 2003.

My decision to join Ocean Tomo was largely affected by my prior experience of working with the founding Managing Directors at a previous firm and knowing that they would create one of the preeminent firms in this field. At the end of the day, I know I can feel proud to be a part of that team.